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My name is Efrain Alonso and I am a Photographer based in Houston,TX. I do city, street photography, portrait, vehicle and travel photography. I love to capture moments whether is the right time or not and show others. I edit my photos by balancing contrast, light, shadows, and color. I got into photography after taking road trips every summer with my family. I would take photos of landscapes, streets, roads, people, animals, and more using an Iphone 6 to now a Sony A7Riii. By doing all that my passion to photography was growing.

I started to fall in love with the process of exploring, shooting, and editing photos. Thanks to photography it created a passion to exploring new places like a beach to a hidden gem where I live. That feeling when someone appreciates your work is priceless and a great feeling. I have been doing this since 2015 and will continue creating photos, exploring, and editing photos. I have always been passionate about trying new things, creating, writing and not having the same routine every day.

If you would like to collaborate or hire me for a shoot don't hesitate to email me, or contact me through my Social Media Platforms.
- Efrain Alonso

You can download my photos for free for your phone wallpaper, project, to print, and more. Enjoy!

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